IFP Conference Barcelona May 22 - 24, 2018

PildoLabs teams with ANI for the organization of IFP conference at Barcelona

The IFP Conference is an event launched in 2017 and held on a yearly basis.

On the basis of a fruitful coorperation between Pildo/Labs and ANI, this year the IFP Conference will be held in Barcelona May 22-24.

The event, organized on a yearly basis, is specifically dedicated to the Flight Procedure Design Community. It is expected to be attended by many professionals and experts in the field, including personnel from Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers, Aircraft, Manufacturers, Operators, Pilots etc.

"PildoLabs is proud that ANI selected our local home for the organization of such an important event. For this occasion, our experts plans to present the most recent references and advancements related." 

Detailed info can be found in the info file. In short, the idea is for the procedure design community to gather, learn, discuss, exchange ideas etc. The goal is always to have all stakeholders present. Procedure Designers, Regulators, Database Coders, Avionics Engineers, Flight Validation Pilots, Airport Authorities, Cartographers and Software Developers. Furthermore the event is organized such, that there is sufficient time to discuss and we are not under pressure to follow the agenda.

The 2018 IFP Conference will be held in Barcelona, May 22 - 24.

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